You decide what you want to learn, from the available classes

You can combine subjects to form your own schedule. When you arrive at Vrå Folk High School, we will present each subject in detail during the first week.

Some subjects might seem very intangible from their description, but make much more sense when you try it out. You will choose subjects during the first week at the school.

Besides the class you see here, there are also community classes for all students for 2 modules every week.

Every semester we change the subjects slightly. But in general, the classes are rooted in the arts.

Step 1 – Choose your “Blue” subject

Choose 1 subject you will be studying 3 modules per week.

Create electronic music in Ableton and learn music production.

Create sculptures, pottery and everything in between.

Learn to speak Danish while surrounded by Danes.

Learn to play rhythmic music in a band.

Create images with analogue processes. We shoot and develop film.

Create clothes by designing and sewing it yourself.

Step 2 – Choose your “Red” subject

Choose only 1 subject you will be studying 3 modules per week.

Learn Digital Photography and portrait technique.

Create two dimensional art like drawing and painting. Learn art theory.

Get an introduction to the local and global newsfeed and learn to write.

We go on hikes, learn bush skills, go canoeing, build camp fires.

Create rugs or fabrics by weaving or tufting.

Learn to write your own songs. We create lyrics and melodies.

Step 3 – Choose your “Green” subject

Choose 1 subjects you will be studying 1 module per week.

We learn different techniques and practice knitting.

We work with different theories of music. Understand music better.

We learn about psychology.

We learn gold smith techniques and create jewellery.

We listen to whole albums and discuss the music. We take turns choosing albums.

Step 4 – Choose your “Yellow” subject

Choose 1 subject you will be studying ½ module per week.

Learn to play basic guitar.

Description coming.

A subject where we dare ask very big questions.

A subject where we debate all matters big and small.

We get our heart rate up.

Next semester is Fall 2024 from August 11, 2024 – December 14, 2024