How much does Danish Folk High School cost?

Our prices are very transparent. When the tuition is payed, you only need to bring money for doing laundry (20 kr. per wash), if you want to buy extra materials (ie. 100 DKK for 10 kg’s of clay), and pocket money for stuff like ice cream or a beer.

About buying materials: For all classes, you will get the needed materials to complete the classes. If you decide to print 500 big prints in photography, you will need to buy those, if you decide to make the world’s largest gold chain in jewellery class, you will need to buy the gold yourself.

You simply pay DKK 2050 (EUR 275) per week you are here.

In case you need a visa to enter Denmark, you will also have to pay the visa fee of EUR 270. Please remember it can take up to two months to obtain a visa to Denmark.

Price for the Spring semester 2023 (January 15 – June 17) is EUR 262 * 22 weeks = ~EUR 5764

Price for the Fall semester 2023 (August – December) is EUR 276 * 18 weeks = ~EUR 4968