It’s a boarding school without tests, for everyone (18+) who wants to learn and live together.

Simply put, it’s a boarding school without a predefined curriculum.

Some Folk High Schools have their focus on specific subjects like sports. Our main focus is on creative subjects within the arts, but we also teach some sport and traditional subjects like math.

There are no exams, no tests and no grades.

Everyone can join the music class, everyone can join photography or ceramics, there are no pre-requisite requirements for any of the subjects. Folk High School is for everyone.

You combine your own schedule from the available subjects.

You will live in dormitories and you share a room with a fellow student. Living and studying (and just spending time) with others 24/7 is a big part of the Danish Folk High School experience. A few times during your half-year stay, you will also help out, by setting the tables and doing the dishes.

There are typically 100 students, mostly from Denmark, but many are international students. Therefore we give all messages in both Danish and English. Classes are also taught in both languages, but at the same time, so Danish and international students attend the class together.

Most students are between 18 and 25 years old. You can attend our school as long as you are older than 18. Our oldest student was 72 when he finished his semester.

We post a lot of our everyday life on social media, you can check it out on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube – on Instagram it’s our students that post most of the time, it’s a very honest and authentic look at what goes on here.