Danish language and culture

Lear to speak Danish while surrounded by Danes.

At Vrå Folk High School uho have the advantage of training your skill and living with Danes 24 hours a day.

Get an introduction to the danish language and culture 

In the subject Danish Language and Culture (DSK) we teach and talk in danish. The teacher will meet you in your personal “level” of danish, and you will be introduced to danish grammar, danish literature and danish culture. 

We will “do danish” in both writing and talking. We will also visit danish culturel places, museums and shops in order to improve our danish language. 

All levels are welcome  

In cooperation with your teacher and the school “EUC Nord” you can take a certified test in Danish.

Danish and international students

Next semester is Fall 2024 from August 11, 2024 – December 14, 2024

Teacher: Anne Friis