Sign up for a 4-week folk high school stay and experience Danish and Nordic culture up close.

Vrå Folk High School now offers a four-week intensive introductory course in Danish art, culture, and society.

During your stay, you will receive an in-depth introduction to what makes Denmark and the Nordic welfare model truly unique. You will learn about Danish art and literature and the distinctive societal structure that constitutes the Danish and Nordic ‘welfare state’.

You will gain historical background knowledge and through visits to museums and historical sites, you will get to experience Nordic lifestyle up close.

During your stay, you will also have the opportunity to engage in creating art and literature yourself when the school’s open workshops and teachers invite you to convey your impressions through paintings, ceramics, or words and pictures.

Vrå Folk High School is a 151-year-old institution and thus one of Denmark’s oldest folk high schools. The school’s history is intrinsically linked to the emergence of Danish democracy and the Danish welfare state, which has evolved since Denmark received its constitution in 1849.

Practical information

When you attend this high school stay, you simply pay a one-time fee: DKK 24500,- (aprox. YEN 530235,-) this includes your room, food, materials, school-trips. Flight to and from Denmark not included. If you want to buy a soda or go on your own trips during the weekend, you will of course need pocket money.

Citizens of Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the US can stay in Denmark for 90 days visa-free (read more). In praxis this means you can simply book a flight and show up with your passport in hand. We will however send you a letter stating you are staying at our school for 4 weeks to show if asked. When you travel visa-free, your normal travel insurance covers you. So make sure you have travel insurance.

Other students at the school
While you are at our school, there will be other students, typically 18-25 years old. They will arrive after the first week for their full 18-week folk high school stay. There will be many nationalities, but most will be Danish.

We speak Danish and English at the school, so if you can read this letter, you have passed the language requirement.  

A big part of Danish Folk High School is living together with others, so by standard everyone shares a room with one other student, private shower, and toilet in all rooms. If you have a special need for a single room, this can be arranged by writing to us in advance via email. Extra price for single room: DKK 5800,- 

Vi glæder os til at se dig i Vrå //We look forward to seeing you in Vrå

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