Baking at Vrå Højskole

Would you like to bake your own bread or cake? Then join the baking class at Vrå Højskole.

Here you will learn about different types of baking, different types of traditions – fx danish and nordic bread – in comparison to italian and spanish baking tradition. We will do classic baking recipes and also try new ideas.

We will talk about slow food and fast food – for example how to get an sourdough started, and how to bake off perfect pizza and hotdog buns.

Often we share what we bake with the rest of the school.

You will also learn about kitchen hygiene.

The teacher in the class will be the kitchen-staff from the school, often our in-house baker Henrik.

Next semester is Fall 2024 from August 11, 2024 – December 14, 2024

Teacher: Henrik Riisager

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