You’ll be challenged AND sweaty in Adventure Sport class

If you want to challenge yourself, get a workout and have fun at the same time – you should join us when we ride mountain bikes, run trails, paddle stand up boards and skate longboards.

Adventure Sport is for those who don’t want to quit easily, who want to be outdoors and get their pulse up..

The class is outdoors. We go to the beach and the forest in our bus and we will typically be away from the school most of the day.

Adventure Sport is an all-day-class, where we bring our lunch to our destination. We return to the school late in the afternoon.

We will spend 3-4 days pr. sport and you will during the semester have an option to participate in sports events within our field of study.


In Adventure Sport we work with:

  • Mountain bike technique
  • Trailing and running technique
  • Standup paddle board with instructor from North Shore Surf in close by Løkken
  • Longboarding and inline skates
  • Diet and exercise
  • Balance on a slack line
  • Diving and swimming technique
  • Tips and tricks for your personal workout

About you as a student of Adventure Sport

  • The class require no pre-requisites, but it does require that you make an effort and want to challenge yourself.
  • It would be preferable if you enjoy being outdoors – and that you don’t fear becoming dirty and sweaty.
  • You don’t need any equipment like mountain bike, long board or wetsuit. The school will provide any equipment you need.
  • What would be smart to bring, is clothes and shoes that you can move around in – it’s also preferable if you can swim.

Here are a couple of videos for inspiration

Next semester is Spring 2022 from January 9 2022 – June 11 2022

Portrait of Per Christensen

Teacher: Per Christensen

Per has taught Danish, Math, Sport and Art classes. Latest addition is Adventure Sport. Per has worked at Vrå Højskole / Folk High School since 2013. Besides being a great teacher, he is also great skater.

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